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From a date to a relationship

From a date to a relationship

If a first date goes well, it’s a matter of continued mutual discovery and possibly moving into a relationship at a pace that suits both of you. PARSHIP gives you a sound starting point with compatibility matching: the PARSHIP test supplies key insights into how you behave in a relationship. Hitting it off on a first date – or a second or third – is not, of course, the same as sustaining a relationship in the longer term. In a relationship, challenges can arise as you seek the right balances between your needs as an individual and your partner’s needs. Both of you need to be ready to be flexible to some degree, and compromises needed to be discussed and understood.

I'm not ready to have sex yet, am I a prude?

I have met a man who is ok but I find it difficult to relate to him. I feel we are running at different speeds: he is keen to have sex; I was keen but now I am not. I don't have a problem with a man desiring me once I know we care about each other and want to do other things together.  more

Keeping the spark alive

It’s a sad fact that many of us spend so much time looking for love, but then don’t do enough to keep it exciting. At Parship we understand this all too well. As modern professionals we often work long hours, travel all over the place, and by the end of the week it can feel like you need to sleep until Monday just to recharge your batteries.  more

The shopping list for love

From time to time it’s only natural to wonder why you’re still single... In moments of self-doubt, you might end up asking yourself some awkward questions, such as “Is it something about me?” or “Have I maybe been too fussy?” If a good friend were to express those doubts about themselves, the chances are that your response would be: “Of course you’re not too fussy. You’re fantastic and you deserve the best.”  more

Top dates your new girlfriend will love:

A man who thinks ahead, plans great dates and has a laugh as well is half way to ensuring his next date already. Use what you know about your new girlfriend to arrange events that she’ll love – unfortunately that might not include going to see your team on Saturday afternoon, but eventually she might even come around to that if you play your cards right.  more

Relationship type casting

An interesting article titled “Why men secretly love bossy women” has gotten me thinking about the way people (both men and women) type cast their partners in their relationships.  more

The single stigma exists for men too

As this is a dating site and often full of articles dealing with issues to do with relationships, dating and how to find a partner, we do like to remind people every once in a while that being single is also absolutely fine.  more

From a date to a relationship

Each date is a journey of discovery. After you have spent time with someone - whether on a first date or after several dates - you will need to decide whether you’d like another date or whether things should stop there. There are likely to be moments when you have to say “It’s been nice knowing you …” Equally, you might find yourself having to face being told “Thanks, but no thanks”. That is never easy, but it is all part and parcel of the selection process as you look for a relationship that is really right for you.

If you see real potential in someone you have met, take things at a comfortable pace for both of you as you sound out each other’s needs, aspirations and strong and weak points.

In the first flush of excitement at a new relationship, rose-tinted spectacles can be a hazard - but so can excessive expectations of the other person. As the relationship develops, you need to learn to accept your potential partner for what he or she really is. The main emphasis in PARSHIP’s matching process is on the real person and how that real person acts when in a relationship. You need to give yourselves time to gain an understanding of each other and your behaviour in the different contexts that life has to offer.

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The PARSHIP principle

The PARSHIP principle

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The PARSHIP principle

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