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A real relationship

A real relationship

Compatibility is the key to a fulfilling relationship. It grows from the balance between two people’s personalities and aspirations and their choices in the way they live. No matter how compatible two people are – and PARSHIP is all about compatibility – each person needs to nurture the relationship and make sure that their partner is getting as much out of it as they are. These articles and reports in this section focus on getting the best out of a relationship.

Sleeping together, sleeping apart

Do you remember the first person you ever loved? I remember the first time the guy put his arm around me. We were sat outside on a bench and it felt so wonderful, I didn’t move for an hour, even though I really needed to go to the loo. It turns out his arm had gone numb from where I rested my head on it, but he didn’t move either, because he wanted to cherish the moment.  more

Fidelity in a bottle

Oxytocin, the magical hormone, strikes again. This naturally occurring “love hormone” is the one secreted by the body to form the bond between a mother and her child after birth and it’s known to play a part in pair bonding as well.  more

Long commutes can break up marriages

A Swedish study, reports the Independent, has revealed that long commutes can have a bad effect on people’s marriage and long term relationships.  more

Our compatibility test

Compatibility doesn’t necessarily mean being similar in all aspects, a great team at home or at work often comprises of different complimentary skills, such as a creative person with great ideas and a strong planner who can work through the stages of putting those ideas into practice.  more

Why compatibility is essential to a long term relationship

Although dating is hugely exciting and invigorates the most tired soul, unfortunately breaking up is always painful and leaves many of us uncertain whether we even want to risk exposing our emotions again.  more

Jealousy does not equal love

There are all kinds of books out there trying to teach women how to land a man. In The Rules, for example, women are taught to play hard to get, based on the assumption that this makes men think the woman is worth more and that the struggle to catch her is what keeps their interest going until they are convinced they want to be with her.  more

5 Summer Events for Couples

Planning a date, especially a first date, is enough to make anyone nervous. But a little preparation certainly helps to take the worry away, leaving you free to relax and enjoy yourself, as well as impressing your partner.  more

Dating outside your faith – Catholic dating

If you have had a strict Catholic upbringing it will seem daunting indeed to consider introducing a partner from a different Christian faith, let alone another religion altogether. You must ask yourself whether you have the strength to put your happiness first and accept whatever criticism may come your way, be that at home, at church and perhaps with your friends too.  more

Are the British now multiple daters rather than serial monogamists?

According to a new survey, unless you've said the words "exclusive", don't expect monogamy from day one. One in four UK men and over a third of women would openly date two, three or four people in the early stage of a relationship. In the classic style of British courtship, your eyes might meet across a crowded pub, you'd have a chat and you might exchange mobile numbers. Over the next few days you'd swap a few text messages, speak on the phone and arrange to go out for a drink or a bite to eat...  more

A real relationship really can start online

The key to compatibility is the way two people balance each other: how their personalities interrelate – where they are similar to each other and where they complement each other; how their lifestyle choices and longer-term aspirations harmonise … and much more.

Compatibility is at the core of the matching process on PARSHIP and at the root of the service’s success, with nearly 40% of Premium Members reporting that they have found a real relationship.

More than 30 years of academic research into relationships have built the PARSHIP matching process. Its principal component is the PARSHIP compatibility test, which assesses some 30 different personality traits, each essential to behaviour in the context of a relationship. Further fine-tuning of the matching is made with personal information supplied by each member and also on the basis of each individual’s search criteria for identifying a potential partner.

Many of PARSHIP’s Premium Members who report back with a success story say that, on first meeting their new partner, they immediately felt at ease. That’s quite an achievement on a first date – and it is proof of the principles behind PARSHIP’s compatibility matching. A real relationship really can start online.

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The PARSHIP principle

The PARSHIP principle

PARSHIP helps you find someone who really is right for you - someone to build a future with. 

The PARSHIP principle

How it works

PARSHIP’s matching compares 30 essential personality characteristics and recommends potential partners who balance and complement you. 



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