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5 Summer Events for Couples

That first date is so important. You want it to be fun, and you want to enjoy it too. So how do you make it work?

Summer events Plan your date outside  –   © fotolia

Planning a date, especially a first date, is enough to make anyone nervous. But a little preparation certainly helps to take the worry away, leaving you free to relax and enjoy yourself, as well as impressing your partner. There are so many options of what you could do, and to a certain extent the options depend on where you both live. You might want to whisk that special person away to somewhere unexpected, or perhaps do something really simple like a walk with a picnic. We’ve had a look at five favourites here. We hope they’ll help you find the inspiration to create your perfect date.


These days everything seems to be called a festival, whether it’s a village fete or a full-blown five day music event. Find out what’s going on around you and have some fun. Don’t forget your comforts like food and maybe a blanket to sit on, and be flexible – your date may not be quite as interested in the thing you most want to see!

Dinner is a classic date event

But if you’re not the chattiest couple then it can seem like hard work too. Why not put some fun into eating out and do just that – pack a picnic and eat outdoors. Again, preparation is key. If you love to put food together then this will come naturally to you, but if not the supermarkets stock great options for a special picnic, they usually even have chilled wines.

Take off to the city!

If you really want to impress your date why not take off to a great city? Somewhere like Edinburgh is spectacular and has so much to see and do, with events right through the summer. If you’re near London then a day in town takes some beating, especially if you think ahead and plan where you want to go. Or completely push the boat out and have a day trip to Paris! That may be a bit too long for a first date – one to save for when you’re more confident together.

Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Here’s an interesting idea from one of our team who took her now boyfriend to the Bristol Balloon Fiesta last year on their first date. She loved the fact they were looking at something neither of them knew anything about, and then they went for a flight. She said they were both scared and excited at the same time and it has given them something to talk about in quiet times for months since.

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